Kevin Nicholson KC

Admitted to practice 1977
Queen’s Counsel 2006 (now King’s Counsel)


Kevin Nicholson BA, LLB (Syd) LLM (first class, Cambridge) has been admitted to practice in New South Wales, South Australia and the Commonwealth.

Kevin practised for some years  as a commercial solicitor at Henry Davis York following which he worked in academia for 15 or so years, including as Head of Department and Associate Professor at the University of Adelaide. He returned to practice in 1995, first as a consultant at (then) Thomson Playford and thereafter at the South Australian bar practising mainly in commercial law, common law and insurance law.

After taking silk, Kevin was appointed a judge of the District Court and then a justice of the Supreme Court, from which position he retired in 2023.

Kevin does not now practise as a barrister but is available to conduct mediations. He can be contacted directly by email: